On Becoming Bulletproof

Introducing "On Becoming Bulletproof!"

March 06, 2023 Lonnie Brewer Season 1 Episode 0
On Becoming Bulletproof
Introducing "On Becoming Bulletproof!"
Show Notes

We all have moments when we face a challenge that requires us to stretch beyond our comfort, to transform in a way that we are NOT sure we have in our potential.  We all MUST find a way to “Become Bulletproof!”

On Becoming Bulletproof is an action-driven podcast spotlighting and amplifying candid, real-life stories of exclusion, adversity and triumph. 

In this episode, we learn how through inspiring conversations with top leaders in their fields, host and Executive Coach Lonnie Brewer asks how we can build and practice personal power through our vulnerabilities, challenges, insights, failures and triumphs.

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