On Becoming Bulletproof

Joy Chen, Former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles on Building a Powerful Strategic Network

March 07, 2023 Lonnie Brewer Season 1 Episode 1
On Becoming Bulletproof
Joy Chen, Former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles on Building a Powerful Strategic Network
Show Notes

“Use what works for you and let go of the rest!” — Buddha

Do you remember your first “REAL” job after you graduated?  What about when you first became a manager?

If you are just starting your professional career, you’ll find in this episode what I wish someone had taught me over two decades ago. 

We all know the importance of investing in our college degrees, work experience, and even, community service.  These are all known as “Personal Capital” investments.

However, many of us lack an understanding of what the “unwritten rules” around life and work are, especially, when it comes to investing in our “Network Capital.”

In this episode, Joy Chen talks about networking, imposter syndrome, and why Asian Americans are often overlooked for leadership roles in Corporate America.  The Los Angeles Times once referred to Joy as “The Networker” and the Wall Street Journal called her the “Lean-In Guru.” 

Today, Joy Chen, CEO of the Multicultural Leadership Institute will be joining us to share more about how to build and grow a successful career that doesn’t over index on collecting more degrees and certifications to break through the glass ceiling.

Joy discusses growing up in Baltimore as a child of immigrant parents from China and being raised in predominately white neighborhoods.

She talks about how her conservative upbringing created a cultural echo chamber, which left her entire family both uncomfortable and unskilled with “how to talk to white people” and the impact that it had on her childhood and her parents’ careers.

She introduces the concept of “Personal versus Network Capital” to us and many other important topics like:

  • The Unwritten Rules
  • Being a “Lonely Only”
  • Struggles with Self-Hatred
  • Code Switching
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • The “Rising Star” and the “Tide” behind you
  • The “Age 30 Problem” for Asian Americans
  • Importance of being a "T-shaped Thinker”

Contact Joy:
Joy Chen, CEO, Multicultural Leadership Institute 
Former, L.A. Deputy Mayor 
Pasadena, California

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