On Becoming Bulletproof

Mike Horn, Retired Police Commander Brings Peacemakers to American South (Part 2)

March 07, 2023 Lonnie Brewer Season 1 Episode 4
On Becoming Bulletproof
Mike Horn, Retired Police Commander Brings Peacemakers to American South (Part 2)
Show Notes

"The highest courage is to dare to appear to be what one is." — John Lancaster Spalding 

Have you ever heard of “Servant Leadership?”  If so, you know that it’s, ultimately, about “doing the right thing” as a leader, including things like striving to be: 

  • Genuine and Authentic
  • Humble and Vulnerable
  • Open and Understanding
  • A Present and Great Listener
  • Useful and Supportive
  • Inclusive and Empathetic 

In fact, Servant Leadership argues that becoming a better leader is the same thing as becoming a better “person,” a better human being.

As an HR Leader and Executive Coach with nearly 25 years of combined experience, I have heard many leaders aspire to be Servant Leaders, but few find a way to get there. 

And then, there is Mike Horn…

In today’s episode, we will speak with a retired Police Commander, Mike Horn who found a way to integrate his personal and professional development to not only become both an exceptional leader at work, but in his community as well.

Mike was able to build a culture of belonging within the police department, before deciding that he could make a bigger impact outside of law enforcement.  Mike is living proof that great leaders have different styles and can come from anywhere.

 He discusses a variety of topics in this 2 part episode, including the following:

  • Why he became a police officer?
  • Not fitting the prototypical police officer personality
  • Emotional demands of law enforcement
  • Transformation after life/death moment
  • Telos trip to Israel-Palestine
  • Social Justice Issues (e.g., Louisiana and Mississippi laws on voting for former convicts who served their time)
  • Starbucks sponsored trip to Deep South for High Potential Police Officers who have a chance to become future leaders
  • Meeting Reena Evers-Everette, (Daughter of Medgar Evers)
  • Meetings with Wrongfully Convicted

Contact Mike:

Mike Horn, Telos Group, ReStory US Program Manager - Law Enforcement
Retired, Police Commander, Tempe Police Department


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